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Do you know which oral diseases more influenced by genetics?

We all know that heredity diseases due to genetic factors, such as haemophilia, cancer, depression, diabetes and heart disease between parents and children is very common. But a study now shows that also oral diseases, and which can be influenced by genetics.

According to Maxpress, the conclusion is the researcher and coordinator of the APCD-IESP (Institution of Higher Education and Research of Dental Surgeons of Paulista Association) Artur Cerri.

How do you explain the doctor-dentist, “more than the eye color and the type of nose, the influence of parents in the lives of children passing by including a greater propensity to face some oral problems. Although the habits of the new generations are better – depending on the supply of information we have today – it is common to see young people facing the same problems as their parents faced a few years ago. This is especially common with respect to five oral health problems:. Misalignment of teeth, gingivitis, caries, oral cancer and cleft ”

The caries and gingivitis in particular are oral diseases that most people believed to be associated with poor oral hygiene habits. However, according to the researcher, they have a strong genetic component that may soon begin to manifest in adolescence.

“People who during adolescence and early adulthood faced many cases of caries should take care that their children receive special care from an early age, as sealants and fluoride-based treatments,” indicates.

Finally, the medical alert dentist oral cancer, a disease mainly influenced by habits consumption of tobacco and alcohol, is also related to genetics. “Genetics also plays a role. So who had a direct relative, as a parent, who faced an oral cancer, should undergo a dental checkup every six months. Prevention in this case is the keyword to ensure a healthy life. ”

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