Dentist in Sunset Strip

Dentist in Sunset Strip

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Broken Tooth In Children – What To Do?
The life of mother and father is not easy, especially when it comes to childrens aristocrats who do not let or breathe again to get ready again. In the list of arts and accidents caused by them that is at the top of the list of childhood is to break some tooth. And when does the broken tooth occur? How to act?

This is a question that many parents should ask and prepare before it even happens, as the first care will be essential to help the child and also facilitate the service of the dentist who will attend. The broken tooth is a fact that occurs most often especially in early childhood, where steps are not yet steady and tumbles can occur more often. And the first step will be to take the dentist, there’s no way !!

Dental trauma can occur in both milk teeth and permanent teeth and a simple bump can detach the tooth from the gum, fracture, soften, wear out the enamel of the teeth or simply pull it out. And when the tooth comes out completely what to do? Can you implant it again? The first step is to take a good look in the mouth and look for injuries and injuries that may be the reason for the bleeding that always occurs, even in the slightest strokes. Sometimes it is only the tooth that hits the mouth and makes a small cut or the tooth has really been injured and the bleeding comes from the gums.

The first step is to wash the child’s mouth and if possible compress the affected area with a moist gauze, ice is also a great remedy to staunch the blood and decrease the pain. But if the tooth has completely gone out the dentist should be sought immediately, and the damaged tooth should be placed unwashed into a glass with warm milk where it will hold it properly for reimplantation. If you are in a place where it is impossible to get milk, another way can be achieved. The tooth should be placed under the tongue without being washed too until you reach a dental office that performs the procedure, the saliva will play the role of the milk keeping the tooth properly.

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