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Discovered new material for dental fillings that can repair cavities

Researcher Robert Hill, Dentistry Institute of Queen Mary University of London, recently presented a study indicating that the composites used in fillings can help repair tooth decay. According to figures provided by the scientist, these composites have the potential to repair tooth decay can help prolong the life of dental fillings and reduce the use of mercury-based amalgam.

The study of UK researcher focuses on bioactive glass composite and indicates that this new material “is unique in their ability to release fluoride as well as significant amounts of calcium and phosphate which are necessary for forming mineral on the teeth.”

Furthermore, according to the scientist, the dental composites currently used in dental fillings include inert materials, but new biomaterials based on bioactive glass composite “show interact positively as the body providing mineral replacing lost minerals due to dental caries “.

dentist in South Melbourne

The composite considered by the investigator has already been licensed by Biomin Technologies, which reveals that technology is the subject of interest by many companies. According to Richard Whatley, the company’s CEO, “to use such bioactive glass composite for dental fillings eliminates the need for use of amalgams of mercury based on the same time it offers an aesthetic composite that helps to treat the tooth.”

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