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How much does a canal treatment cost?

Although very common, canal treatment is often one of the most feared by patients, whether from pain in the mouth or from pain in the pocket! But taking care of oral health is fundamental and this care can not be left aside, since postponing the trip to the dentist can be much worse, as we have already discussed here.

An infected canal that does not receive proper treatment can become a serious problem and end up coming out much more expensive! Want to know how it is done and how much does a channel treatment cost? Keep following this post!

What is channel treatment? Dentist Richmond explains

Channel treatment We’ve already talked about some situations that may make the channel treatment necessary in this post. However, it is never too much to point out the reasons that lead to channel treatment.

A deep tooth decay, trauma or even a fracture in the teeth can promote a lesion in the tooth, facilitating the entrance of bacteria in the inner part causing the infection of the pulp.

The dental pulp, when infected, needs to be removed and it is this procedure that is performed during the treatment of the canal. The endodontist is the professional specialized in the internal part of the tooth and the professional indicated to do this type of treatment.

During treatment of the canal, the crown of the tooth is opened for subsequent removal of the infected pulp. After this removal, the endodontist performs cleaning of the cavity and the channels that feed the pulp, so that it is filled with a dental cement that must cover the inner part of the teeth. After filling, the crown is restored with resin and the teeth maintains their functions although it totally loses the sensitivity.

In general, two to three consultations are required to complete the treatment. With the evolution of endodontics, however, some dentists are already able to perform the treatment with just one query for simpler cases.

How much does a canal treatment cost?

Even though it is a simple and fairly common procedure, channel treatment still has a high price for many patients. Therefore, having a dental plan can help maintain a healthier smile and make treatments more affordable.

In the case of channel treatment, depending on the region, location of the clinic, the specialty of the professional and even the severity of the case, the price can several several. Each infection has a certain severity, which can make the treatment more or less expensive. Generally, prices for this type of treatment can vary from $ 700.00 to $ 1,200.00 for front teeth and $ 1,000.00 to $ 1,700.00 for molars. This dependes on what dentist Richmond you choose.

As for most situations, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, it is worth consulting and researching a good dental plan that guarantees the health of your smile and, at the slightest sign of trouble, allows you to make the treatment safer and without compromising the health of your pocket!


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