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What to do after a tooth is extracted?

It is common for diseased teeth, which have suffered bone loss around them, which are broken or the wisdom teeth are subjected to extraction. This type of procedure is one of the most terrifying patients. But there is nothing to fear! It is enough to know the care and recommendations of what to do after the tooth is removed. Dentist Prahran can help you with anything you need.

Through anesthesia at the time of extraction and administration of analgesics, the patients practically do not feel any type of pain during the extraction. And the swelling, which comes later, is nothing more than a common inflammatory process, which aims to recover the injured area.

To feel more relaxed and comfortable, check out the following tips of what to do after a tooth is extracted.

5 Tips to Do After Extracting a Tooth

1 – Compressed with ice

The ice pack or ice pack in the first 24 hours is very important to prevent or reduce the swelling from the extraction. The low temperature, caused by the application of the ice, helps in the contraction of the blood vessels, which are dilated due to the inflammatory process caused by the extraction, thus avoiding the great blood flow and the release of cellular liquids to the region where the tooth was extracted.

2 – Beware of food

After any type of extraction, it is important to know what kind of food to ingest. Avoid hot foods for at least the first 24 hours because the region from which the tooth was removed will be sensitive and may bleed again. In this way, give preference to cold foods like ice creams, popsicles, juices and milk. The next day is also allowed warm and soft foods, such as purees, boiled egg and pasta, for example.

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3 – Much attention to hygiene

Hygiene should be done with a small head brush and soft bristles so as not to damage the already injured area. It is very important to carry out the hygiene effectively after extraction, as it will remove the remains of food, thus avoiding risks of infection. Another important point is the use of mouthwashes: they should only be used if there is guidance from the dentist. Dentist Prahran will teach you how to clean your teeth.

4 – Avoid cigarette and alcohol

Cigarette and alcohol are totally prohibited for anyone who has performed some type of dental extraction. The smoke generated by the cigarette penetrates the mucosa and interferes in a negative way in the cicatrization. Alcohol interferes with the action of medications, such as antibiotics and analgesics, and can cut off your antibacterial actions and decrease pain.

5 – Total rest

Many people enjoy practicing physical activities or working on their feet. After extraction of a tooth, it is necessary to rest for a few days not to stimulate the blood circulation and to cause problems like bleeding and infections, for example. Check your local Dentist Prahran for more information.

Although people are afraid to perform dental extractions, these procedures are completely safe, painless and quiet. Just follow the tips that there will not be any kind of problem.

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