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dentist Port Melbourne

Find the best dentist Port Melbourne. Find a good dentist with affordable price can be challenging for some people. We want to help you to find the right dental clinic in Port Melbourne.

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Chewing Ice is Bad For Your Teeth? Dentist Port Melbourne explains:

While blenders and ice grinders are perfect for crushing ice cubes, the teeth are not.

Many people habitually chew on ice, especially in the summer months. That is when the dental offices are packed with patients suffering from gingival lesions and broken teeth. The American Dental Association states that avoiding chewing ice is a simple way to prevent dental injuries.

To cool off instead of grinding large hailstones with teeth, dentists recommend leaving the ice melts in the mouth like candy. The dentists also recommend carrots or apples to refresh the “chewing” who want a crunchy noise. Dentist Port Melbourne can help you with anything.

However, anyone who has a persistent habit of chewing ice and feel difficult to abandon it should inform your dentist. Specific wishes, such as chewing ice, are generally associated with iron deficiency anemia. Get a local dentist Port Melbourne to find out some more information about it.

As the name suggests, iron deficiency anemia due to insufficient iron. The body need iron to form hemoglobin, a substance present in red blood cells, allowing the transport of oxygen.

This type of anemia is common. About 20% of women, 50% of pregnant and 3% of men have iron deficiency. Often it is corrected with iron supplementation.

More info, read this article.

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