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Bad breath?

The Doctor. Matthew Messina, a spokesman for the American Dental Association, told Newsweek that while the exact mechanisms are not clear, studies show links between oral bacteria and heart disease, diabetes and premature children born with low weight.

Newsweek has specified the six harmful to teeth mistakes that people make regularly:

frequent coffee breaks: Americans, especially those who work in offices, tend to “pinch” during the day. The consumption of carbohydrates, especially sugars, activates the production of acid bacterium that lives in the tooth surface, producing tooth decay.

Dessert without dinner: many people eat sweets and cakes as snacks, instead of doing so after meals. If you do not have willpower to cut candy and soda from your diet, it suggests that you consume them as part of the main meal when the bacteria that causes tooth decay is already active. That way, you limit the exposure of bacteria to mealtimes, rather than keeping them active.

Lack of water: one of the best times to drink water is after meals. This will “wash out” the waste of food and bacteria, wiping his mouth.

Hard Candy: If you love chewy or sticky treats, or popcorn and ice, be careful. These are among the best ways to get the bacteria to a point of difficult cleaning or even break a tooth.

Aversion to food: avoid fruits and vegetables brings consequences to his mouth. They contain vitamins that are important to the gums and prevent infections that can lead to inflame the gingiva or bleed. According to dr. Messina, the effect of malnutrition on the gums can be seen almost immediately.

Chewing gum: if you can not resist a chewing gum with sugar, try a little more. Sugarless chewing gum has a number of benefits, including increasing saliva production, which is the natural mechanism of the body to rinse the mouth and neutralize the acids.

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