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Do you know what to do after tooth extraction?

In teeth with extensive cavities, great bone loss around, very broken and especially the wisdom tooth, when not possible to perform another type of treatment and after evaluation by a dental surgeon, there may be indication of tooth extraction. And, in addition to the concern about the surgery itself, which is very common to have, a second question has been more and more frequently: “Will it swell?”. Well, here are some tips to ensure a good postoperative.

Why does it swell?

After tooth extraction, which is a surgery that ends up injuring gums, soft tissue and bone, the body reacts with a defense mechanism in place. Cells are then activated and an inflammatory process begins, causing edema, heat, and redness. This edema (swelling) occurs because the fluid in the cells leaves the blood vessels and deposits in the superficial tissues.

When does it start to swell?

The swelling may begin soon after the surgery, when the inflammatory process mentioned above has already begun. However, its maximum peak occurs on the third day. After this phase, the tendency is to regress, the so-called reverse effect, improving the region and returning to its normal state. Therefore, the care with the postoperative in the first hours until the end of the first week after the extraction are decisive for a good recovery.

What to do to not swell?

Chewing ice on the cheeks in the first few minutes and the first 24 hours is the best way to decrease and prevent swelling, pain and bleeding. Helps to contract blood vessels that are dilated due to the inflammatory process, avoiding the high blood flow and the release of cellular fluids to that region.

Cold foods such as popsicle and ice cream. For the same reason quoted above from your dentist Hawthorn.

Liquid and soft foods like a pasta or soup, for example, can at room temperature. Chewing hard, consistent foods would increase chewing effort in the injured region, causing swelling in the cheeks.

Warm and warm are released after this first day (the first 24 hours). You can even perform a hot compress by applying a warm wet towel to the area to relax the muscles. But only after the first 24 hours. Before that, you should avoid it.

Medication prescribed by your dentist surgeon should be taken to the letter, each in its dose, time and days indicated correctly.

Disciplined hygiene. With brush soft and lightly made. The brushing will not allow to accumulate rest of food, accelerating the cicatrization. Mouthwashes also, always and only those indicated by your dentist Hawthorn.

For you to know everything about oral hygiene after the surgery we have created Step by step for a complete oral hygiene, so you prevent against the “pains of the mouth”!

Other care after extraction of the wisdom tooth dentist Hawthorn explains.

Hot food in the first 24 hours after surgery is not indicated. It will increase blood circulation, which is already more exacerbated than normal, causing more bleeding. After this first day, you can with caution can.

You should not drink alcohol while you are on medication. Alcoholic beverages negatively influence the action of antibiotics and medications.

Avoid smoking, at least until the stitches are removed. Toxic substances from the cigarette penetrate the mucosa and interfere with healing.

Resting and avoiding physical activities, especially in the first 24 hours, are also indications to accelerate healing.

Seven days after the extraction, the patient should return to the office for the professional to remove the stitches. The prolonged retention of these causes accumulation of food and plaque, not allowing the region to heal. Dentist Hawthorn can help you.

dentist Hawthorn
At the dentist office.

Taking all these precautions with food, hygiene, rest, indicated medicine, decreased physical effort, and especially ice in the initial minutes and hours, will greatly decrease the chances of postoperative swelling. Not forgetting that all these tips are worth for wisdom extraction and for all other teeth as well. Follow your dentist’s instructions correctly.

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