Dentist in Frankston North

Dentist in Frankston North

Find the best dentist in Frankston North. Find a good dentist with affordable price can be challenging for some people. We want to help you to find the right dental clinic in Frankston North.



The fluoride treatments play an important role in the caries prevention.
Fluorine is a simple mineral which contributes to oral health, causing the teeth are more resistant to the acids produced by bacteria causing caries, likewise helps promote remineralizarão enamel in people of all ages and it is especially important for the strengthening of permanent teeth in children from the age of six.

In the United States, drinking water, as well as many foods, tell fluoride. Most people get a sufficient amount of fluoride to keep your teeth healthy food, water and toothpastes. But if you or your child are likely to suffer from tooth decay, fluoride treatments in the dental office can help promote healthy teeth and reduce your risk of cavities.

If you receive a fluorine treatment to his dentist, it can apply the fluoride directly in the form of a varnish applied on the tooth surface, or in the form of a gel or foam placed in a dental mold and apply to teeth by a a period of four minutes. Also, your dentist may prescribe fluoride supplements in liquid form or tablets to take home.

It has shown that fluoride and fluoride treatments are safe when used directly, but make sure to keep the fluoride supplements out of the reach of children, and supervise children when escovem your teeth to ensure that spit and not ingest cream dental.

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