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Although tooth whitening has become more affordable and easy to do, it is a procedure that requires not only some care, as well as professional support even in its home version. Below are some key aspects of the treatment.

1) There are two types of whitening
One is done at home following the dentist’s instructions. The first step is the manufacture of a silicone tray. At home, it should be filled with a gel containing the –geralmente Clarifying substance carbamida– peroxide and used every day for three to four weeks. The other method is exclusively in the office, using a gel with much higher concentration of active whitener (and therefore not safe to use at home). The effect is enhanced by a light source such as LED or laser. Both are necessary or three sessions a week, but you can already feel the results in the first application.

2) home whitening requires patience
Although the preference of many dentists, the method requires discipline. That’s because the tray should be used every day, for an average period of three weeks. The use of time varies with the chosen bleaching substance for the treatment and the original tooth condition may be 30 minutes to eight hours.

3) The method laser, made in office, may leave sensitive teeth
In this type of bleaching, carbamide peroxide is much more concentrated. Therefore, it acts more aggressively, causing any sensation during treatment. Already whitening with tray is less likely to cause sensitivity.

4) The two methods can be combined
“Today it is common to use both methods together for more efficient results,” explains dentist Anderson Bernal’s office that bears his name, located in São Paulo. The treatment starts with the tray, and then are made some laser sessions.

5) The laser procedure is more expensive
Laser whitening The average cost is three to four thousand. With tray, the value is around eight hundred to two thousand.

6) The laser is not the only light source that can be used
Although treatment has become known as “bleaching Laser”, the procedure can also be performed with LED lights. “Bleaching is done by the gel, not the light, which only serves to speed up the process,” explains Anderson Bernal. Over the years, it has been found that any light source support. Therefore, many dentists prefer the LED, a cold light that does not cause damage. “The laser of low power, can be used at the end of treatment as a desensitizing” concludes the expert.

7) Some foods are prohibited during treatment
This is because the teeth are more permeable and thus the chance to absorb the pigments of certain foods is increased. Among the prohibited are grape juice, red wine, cola soft drinks, coffee, tea and sugar beets. Furthermore, the cigarette is another villain of bleaching, because the nicotine yellow teeth.

8) Not always the tooth is very white
What happens is that the hue of the tooth [his color], which is not exactly white, can not be changed. “What happens is a change of chroma, which is the saturation or intensity of color,” explains dentist Luis Eduardo Calicchio, the Oral Workshop in Sao Paulo. So it is always good “hold” the expectations and have a frank discussion with your dentist to avoid frustration.

9) Not everyone can perform whitening
The treatment is contraindicated in some cases. “He has a lot of tooth sensitivity, for example, could end up having an acute inflammation,” explains dentist Sandro Moreno, Mosaic Dentistry, in São Paulo. It also should not make whitening who has many restorations (since it does not act on the resin), stains caused by the use of the antibiotic tetracycline, pregnant women and children under 16 years.

10) Dental Whitening Folders do not replace the professional procedure
They contain an abrasive agent that remove surface stains, but does not have peroxide in their formulations. Therefore, they fail to remove pigment from deeper layers of the tooth.

11) The last results, on average, one to two 2 years ago, irrespective of the method
To make the whitening last as long as possible, we need to make proper oral hygiene with brush, paste, dental floss and tongue scraper three times a day, and avoid cigarettes and food that darken teeth like açaí, chocolate, ketchup, soy sauce, among others.

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