Dentist in Craigieburn

Dentist in Craigieburn

Find the best dentist in Craigieburn. Find a good dentist with affordable price can be challenging for some people. We want to help you to find the right dental clinic in Craigieburn.


food options that help prevent decay.
It’s not fun avoid eating sweet foods, such as cookies and candies, but when it comes to decay, the election of food plays an important role. Some foods can damage our teeth, while the other contains the nutrients needed to keep them strong and healthy. To help prevent decay, consider the following options.

Calcium is a key ingredient to prevent decay, especially in children. Dairy products are a wonderful source of calcium that is found in milk, yogurt and cheese; since calcium is not in fat, milk and descremado zero-fat yogurt are also beneficial. Other options are green vegetables such as broccoli and Chinese cabbage, canned fish with bones, almonds, Brazil nuts and dried beans.

Fruits, vegetables and fiber.
Consuming fiber-rich foods keeps saliva flow, which helps create mineral defenses against caries. Dried fruits such as dates, raisins and figs, and fresh fruit such as bananas, apples and oranges are good sources of fiber. Other options are the beans, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts and peas, and peanuts, almonds and wheat bran.

Whole grains.
Whole grains are rich in iron and B vitamins, which help maintain healthy gums. Whole grains also contain magnesium, which is an essential ingredient in bones and teeth. Moreover, whole grains are high in fiber. Consume foods such as wheat bran and brown rice grain and whole grain pastas, which are a good source of whole grains.

When buy snacks, choose healthy foods, such as those given previously. Step away from the sweets, because sugar, together with the board, weakens the enamel, leaving it vulnerable to cavities. In fact, every time we eat sweets, sugar is in the teeth 20 minutes after being ingested.

The food pyramid.
When you want to follow a healthy diet that is good for your teeth and for the rest of your body, try to be faithful to the food pyramid. The pyramid is structured to provide healthy diets all the necessary food groups during the day.

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