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Did you know?

Bacteria that cause gum disease can accelerate growth of cancer cells

The often associated with gum disease bacteria can be a catalyst for the growth of cancer cells. The conclusion is a study recently published in the journal ‘Immunity’ and explains that the bacterium Fusobacterium nucleatum can impair the ability of the human body to fight cancer diseases.

According to the researchers, “when combined with cells from human tissues, this bacterium ‘clings’ to the parts of the immune system responsible for attacking cancer cells, preventing it from performing its function.”

dentist brighton

Ken Lavery, a specialist in maxillofacial surgery, says in the British Dental Health Foundation website, this study shows that it must maintain good health and oral hygiene. “Oral cancer is increasing more and anything that people can do to reduce their risks is a good measure of public health. Prevention is infinitely better than having to treat a disease, especially with regard to oral cancer. ” Check dentist Brighton for help.

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